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Share on. Last Name: Tanner Other Login to view premium data. Sarah G. Tanner Vice-President. Sarah Tanner Public Relations Executive. I will be travelling soon to visit my ancestors graves in Duxbury and see museums. Honored and privileged.

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History has always been my life Herstory is coming alive in William L. Location: Kansas, United States. It brings pride to me and my children knowing that our ancestor, George Sowle-Soule helped to establish a settlement in the wild country that was soon to be the United States Of America. These English Settlers endured many hardships in their quest of happiness. Our lineage went from Sowle To Fox. The first 7 being named Sowle the last 5 being Fox.

George H Webber. Very satisfying-A part of my country's history. Steven Lot Smith. So proud of all my brave ancestors, especially my 17 "male and female" direct line grandparents of the Mayflower. DeAngela Haynes. Ancestor: Degory Priest. I think the original Priest name is related to the Haynes family. Find learning about my ancestors interesting and hope to learn more. Robert James Barker. Location: New Hampshire, United States.

I was very happy to know more about previous generations. Learning how to research has also been a tremendous experience. I am grateful for the people who share information and am touched by seeing one picture or document that represents an entire lifetime of one person. It somehow brings back lost humanity and civility.

Having roots to this country. The Pilgrims overcame tremendous hardship to establish a new life in the furtherance of their principals. In doing so they established a standard that future Americans used to win a Revolution, defeat enemies and set a shining light of hope for the world.

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Stephen Ferriss. Janelle Grubb Hitchcock. Susan Hendricks. It means that I am a part of the living history of America. That the blood that runs through me carries the hopes and dreams of a small group of people who challenged great odds to seek out a land where they could be free to live the way they believed was best for themselves. That struggle still goes on Linda Chardon. Pride and honor. I have been researching my genealogy recently and I discovered that my through my 5th great grandmother Mary Sampson Bradford, that I have multiple lines leading back to the Mayflower.

Maxine Louise Baker-Benfield. It is very special to know that I am a descendant for the original immigrants who risk all to come to America. Proud to be descended from people who were willing to risk it all for the right to worship God in the manner they thought right. Not always so proud of the actions of my ancestors; but not always proud of the actions of my generation, either.

Happy to claim my New England roots even though I have lived south of the Mason-Dixon line for many years. David Byer-Powell. It was a shock at first. But knowing my family has played a part in establishing this country and that I serve in the Military to continue our Freedom is awesome and Humbling. Candy Bennett. Etta M Perron Ocker. Kristi Bequette. Location: Iowa, United States. It makes me proud that my ancestors were so brave and adventurous that they took the voyage to be part of the history of the United States. My family has told me for many years that I am decedent.

I have always loved the idea and now that I have found the proof. I am honored to be a part of history. William Brewster is my 13th Great Grandfather on my mothers side. Ancestor: Moses Fletcher. Endless wonderment. Emily Holtrop. The Mayflower pilgrims are an inspiration for the strength of their convictions and their willingness to endure suffering for their beliefs.

On the other hand, my Mayflower ancestor John Billington a stranger, not a saint is not a role model, though the book by his descendant Charles C. Mann presents a possibly exculpatory family tradition. My aunt was a member and I have always wanted to join. She passed away and I finally got serious about it and discovered that more proof is required now than back in when she joined. It is a connection to our past that I want to be a part of. Christine Westcott. A 30 year search to find a Mayflower Family was started by my Aunt Lorraine Jones Andrews which is a testament to our love of Genealogy!

Christopher Wright. Location: Alaska, United States. It is a vehicle to bring my spread out family a little bit closer and realize the grit that binds us. Timothy Lunney. It gives me a very personal connection to American history. My Mother, who passed away in , was a member of the Massachusetts Mayflower Society. She took great pride in tracing her ancestry, long before the Internet made it much easier. Continuing the research she started helps me feel closer to her and gives me a sense of pride and connection to the past.

Leslee Johnston. It was surprising to me I had no idea until I fell down the rabbit hole that is genealogy! Honoured to be a small part of this big story! Timothy Peverley. Kathleen McQuade. A huge sense of pride. Sandra Passman Tesch. Raymond Malenfant. Location: Delaware, United States. My extensive England and New England heritage. Excited to part of the first families that set sail to come to the New America. Rachel Morscher.

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As someone that chose to study history in college, I find that this connection to the infancy of the United States to be fascinating. Ancestor: Richard More. Finding so many Plymouth Ancestors makes history American history come to life! Ancestor: Samuel Fuller. Ancestor: John Alden, William Mullins. Ancestor: John Alden, Richard More.

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada. Elizabeth Huntley. It is historically significant, and if I'm related I would like to know. Donna Tilllinghast Casey. Ancestor: John Alden, John Howland. A wonderful addition to my already well-rooted American ancestors, i. Tese Gorszwick. Bernadette Roback. I am enjoying the hobby of genealogy and very recently discovered this connection. It is very interesting to me and the more I learn about my colonial ancestors, the more I want to know. I never imagined I was connected to the Pilgrims of the Mayflower. This is kind of wild! Location: Utah, United States.

I love history and teach fourth grade. I have been searching many years to find my Mayflower link! Crystal Morrison. Location: North Dakota, United States. Colonial history fascinates me. My ancestors were a part of it. It is incredible that my gr, gr, etc. I am very proud of my lineage and heritage. Linda Jean Campbell. Location: Vermont, United States. Lisa Van Horn.

I have just learned in the last few months that I am part of this story. I'm so excited! Patricia Campbell. The trials and tribulations that the passengers went through on the voyage and then the challenges once they came to America just shows what strong characters they had. Such a monumental time in history. Ancestor: Stephen Hopkins, William White.

Location: Oklahoma, United States. Barbara Ann "Bambi" Hammarstrom. Barbara Gambichler. I am proud to be a descendant of a passenger of the Mayflower, a part of American history. I am proud of the pilgrims, to follow their dreams blindly, for a better life. Going into the great unknown future, just trusting in God to guide their journey.

Eric Kincaid II Olsen. Its exciting to think that for such a long time in history, branches of my family tree have found loyalty to God and His Word more valuable than comfort and ease. It is a challenge to me and future generations to stand for what is right and true, to take risks, and to hold tightly to your family. I was told so. Deidre Palmer Huckins.

My father was from Vermont, the stories I now have are coming from tracing my paternal roots, reading and researching my own history so to speak. I have seen several connections to the Mayflower, none stood out so much until connections to my 10th great grandfather Francis Cooke. I love knowing where and when my ancestors arrived in America and all of the history of how they lived. I'm intrigued of the relationships and how I have a married couple Theophilus Crocker and Lydia Eddy who are each descendants of different Mayflower Passengers. I'm very interested in the roles Mayflower Descendants played throughout history.

Our heritage, what a beautiful thing. It makes me so proud of where I come from for my son and my family. God bless the USA. I like knowing history, to learn. I was proud to discover just how deep my roots in America went. Brooke Finlayson. I am proud to be part of a family that believed in a higher purpose, they found away to live a life by their own ideologies. Katharine Herzog. It is an important part of my family history. Location: Mississippi, United States. It is an inspiration to aspire to something greater in life.

To make a difference in the lives of others, and to live out my Christian Faith in action, with 'answerable courage. Robert Bennett. I am happy to be a part of the Mayflower "family" because they were so brave and steadfast. I'm sure they were strong in their bodies, minds and spirit. The faith in God, that they brought with them, surely got them through some terrible times.

I'm proud to have them as my ancestors and I only wish I would have inherited their tenacity. It is a very special story that I will pass on to my children. I am proud to have come from the Mayflower and such an important part of our nations history. Eric McMurray. Being part of the Mayflower story means that I feel a strong connection to the history of this continent of North America, the founding and settlement of America.

Ancestor: Isaac Allerton, William Brewster. So exciting, discovered this via Ancestry and DNA. I am proud that I have family who were part of the early immigration to what became the United States of America and that they were both Pilgrims and Strangers, adding to the diversity of the early colony. Barbara Bissell. An Aunt who was Family Historian told us of our Mayflower roots. Recently built a tree to see the trails, a means of preserving our genealogy for generations to come.

Besides the listed ancestors discovered, potentially have at least five more. The search has scaled brick walls. Genealogy an endless delightful puzzle: Hopkins Brewster Howland It is important to me that my ancestors had a hand in forming the nation from the very beginning. Cynthia Carlson. I'm impressed with my ancestors' spiritual life and devotion. Monica Pattangall. From childhood I always knew Warren was at the family table on my grandfather's side, but when I began research on my quiet, unassuming grandmother and I found so many there, I was humbled.

David Nicholls. Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia. Just a part of my amazingly peripatetic ancestry. Christopher Nichols. Being a patriotic person, having roots to the earliest days of the founding of our country means a great deal to me. Though there is not a lot of information about my ancestor's life, it's wonderful to know that all of his children lived to provide many descendants today. Pride in the amazingly brave immigrants who made the journey and established the Plymouth Colony.

Heather Schader. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, Samuel Fuller. I feel more integrated in the fabric of our country. It makes me feel I can stand hardships and overcome them as my ancestors did. I'm a true New Englander. Judith O'Brien Beck. Philip Johnson. Samantha Hopkins. We are a great nation because the Mayflower passengers' beliefs and determination. It creates a call to action for me to remind everyone why the Mayflower passengers risked their lives, why America became a nation, and why we need to continue to promote freedom from tyranny, religious oppression and xenophobic, immigrant excluding rules.

Steven Fischer. Incredible testament to the grit and bravery of the original passengers. Lillian Espinoza-Gala. With four passengers on the voyage, it proves the ability to survive death and adversity. John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley. Our family descended from daughter Hannah. Janice French. In this day and age the Mayflower is a sign of hope, and a reminder of how far we have come and how far we need to go as a country. I hope to use the story to allow my children to understand the importance of the history of this amazing country and understand that they hold the key to the future.

Catherine Hernandez. Phyllis Fleming. Location: New Mexico, United States. So proud be be descended from these strong and determined colonials. Ancestor: Henry Samson. Location: Rhode Island, United States. I have known since I we little that I am a descendant. I want to become a member of the Mayflower Society before I pass. My grandfather belonged but when he joined found it not to have to have so much paperwork.

I need many documents and they are expensive to get copies.

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I hope that I can complete this before That I have a great heritage. I am currently working on my membership to the Mayflower Society Bradford Colony. The more I learn, the more connected I feel to the brave women who came before me. My Mayflower connection has increased my interest in history. Knowing more about my Mayflower as well as Native American ancestors has helped me to further understand and appreciate the impact of these families to our country.

Pamela Lithgow Briggs. I was very happy to find this out.

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Interested in the contribution of my ancestors in shaping Canada and the United States, Found they were instrumental in building flower mills, churches, schools, and settling remote areas of our country also looking foreward to get together. Lucille Evans Hahn. Honoring those who endured so much hardship to settle on this continent and contribute to the building of our country is the reason I joined the Mayflower Society.

Almost all Americans have immigrant ancestors, ours were among the first. Meeting the many members from all walks of life who feel the same is important to me. Deborah Martin-Plugh. When I was a child, my mother always told us that we were from 'good pioneer stock'. There was no formal genealogy at that time That phrase compelled me to find out my family history and led me to Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers Ancestor: Edward Winslow.

I am incredibly proud. Sharon Garrison. Ancestor: Isaac Allerton, John Howland. Very little, I just enjoy the research. I went nearly 65 years without a clue to my origins in North America. Once my mother's Byram line married Abigail Alden, I feel humbled. Having DNA evidence makes me proud that in the generations since that landing a member of that family has been in uniform to defend the land for all its generations! Zachary Bayer. Finding out that I am part of the Mayflower has been so exciting. The originals. Never have I ever thought that this would be.

Ancestor: Francis Cooke, Thomas Rogers. There is much to learning and knowing better the history of the families and other details. I feel it is important to know this. Cynthia Jordan. I am very proud to be a descendant of so many great Men and women that helped to create this great country. I only hope and pray that I will continue their legacy. The blood of these great people runs through me and that is pretty awesome. Ancestor: James Chilton, Stephen Hopkins. It makes me feel more a part of this wonderful country I'm part of the first settlers.

Praise be. David J. Not only is it fascinating to learn that I am a descendant of John Howland as well as John Tilley but it's amazing to think how different the world would be today had they not been able to rescue John Howland after he fell off the boat. Arthur Stuart Firkins. Location: New South Wales, Australia. It provides a continuity , an identity and a connection to a significant event in history. I am overjoyed to be able to be part of both the foundation of America and the foundation of the colony of NSW. I can relate to the values which sent the pilgrims to Plymouth and sent the pioneers to Australia.

I can understand their need for freedom. Karen Glennan-West. Being a part of the Mayflower Story means a lot to me. Knowing what my family line did back then, leaving their homes and traveling to a new world and surviving. Christine Morrill. First, I was overwhelmed by the knowledge of my ancestors. Now, my ancestral grandparents ground me and their stories encourage me to move ahead even in the most difficult times! When having a rough day I think of their challenges, failures and successes.

Then, I say okay Christine, you got this.

Make them proud! You owe them that much! Marilyn Nejman. I was very, very excited to see that I believe to be a descendant of a Mayflower passenger. Donna Ann DeWitt Skogman. Our Family History, History and Sharing. Also, John Howland is an 11th Great Uncle. Their connections have not been proven. Location: Nevada, United States. Shelly Hoffman. It connects me to this country in a way I have never felt. To know that my family came here and are such a huge part of what made America. It makes me very proud of my country and my ancestors. Genevieve Leavitt. Knowing my heritage and learning details about my ancestors makes them real to me.

I can imagine their lives and how they lived which almost gives them as well as myself a certain level of immortality. They are a part of me.

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Scott Carpenter. Finding out that my great-grandmother was a Southworth, and a descendant of John Alden was monumental. My family has been here for all of the history making this great country. Lori Jo Svrcek. I want to find out more about The Mayflower Society and Mayflower History specifically, and further support it, since I am a descendant! Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Being part of history, knowing past history, origin and culture so my family can know their roots. I want them to know that know matter how long and how careful records were kept that their history is the testament to passing time.

Patricia Millis. Finding our ancestors connects us to them. I feel grateful to my courageous ancestors for making this journey to a new land for freedom sake, helping all their descendants have the gifts of living in freedom. Ancestor: William Brewster, Francis Eaton. David Kingsella. Our religious heritage brought here by our Separatist and Puritan ancestors is the foundation of our great country and must be defended against all attempts to steal it from us.

It was a huge and surprising discovery for me. Connects me as an American more than almost anything I could have found. Very proud to be so connected to Massachusetts. Morgana Watson. Proud to know my ancestors were a part of history. Marcia Christiansen. Learning that I am a Mayflower descendant was a great surprise.

It has meant a lot to me knowing my ancestors helped form this great country. I am proud of my English heritage. Marty Peterson. Makes me proud of my heritage knowing my ancestors were part of starting this great country. Kathleen Bernstein. I have many connections to the Mayflower but only joined on S. I love that my roots go back to the very start of this country. Both of my parents are from Stephen Hopkins.

So I have millions of cousins. Darla Bedford Moe. I am proud to be a descendant of the brave men, women, and children who risked everything to begin a new community where they could live according to their beliefs. The hardships they faced make me all the more grateful for the life I enjoy today. I'm fascinated with the history and love to be part of it. Touring Plymouth, MA recently was the first time I got to really connect with the family history. It meant a lot to me. Being an Alternative education teacher I am always using real history to increase interest for my students. In doing this I began looking into my ancestry about a year and a half ago.

In my search I became aware that I am a descendent of several of the Mayflower passengers. It was incredible to find this out. Lynnette Fallon. Ancestor: George Soule, William White. A wonderful way to connect to the history of our country. Confirmation of the connection to this significant group of immigrants. Karen Sifuentes. According to Ancestry. Our family is Snow and Converse. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, Stephen Hopkins. It is an honor and it pays respect to my ancestors and the hardships they endured to come to the new world.

Tammie Powell. Mary Beth Stephens. Mayflower descendants are a living part of history.