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The 3-Piece Lotus is also processed into the chestpockets. Chasin' United States. Chasin' Nederland. Bernadette Skehan, London. Helen Shearan, London. Devon was magical. Annabel had thought of everything.


From bleak to bustling: how one French town solved its high street crisis

The day trips were to such interesting places and even the travelling time to those places was fun on trains, boats and cars. It was so relaxing to have everything organised, all you had to do was be there and enjoy yourself. Thank you Annabel! My decision to travel across the pond to spend an intense few days in Devon with 9 other women was one of my best. Annabel put together the perfect experience. The house was lovely and comfortable.

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Our butler, Bevin, well, we had a butler The men who carted us about on our daily excursions to seaside villages and beautiful gardens were entertaining and hilarious. The lectures from both Annabel about keeping a travel journal and Lauren about photography added a wonderful new perspective to things I continue to do and see in my daily life. It was so wonderful that I think I may try to make a bleak house experience something that I endeavor to do at least once a year. I have complete confidence that it would just come down to a matter of timing. I know that I would love anything and everything that Annabel would create.

Every detail was perfectly planned and expertly executed with confidence and grace which made the whole experience both stimulating and relaxing. Thank you so much Annabel you are the perfect host. Claire Ward, Shropshire. Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to gift myself some me time and join Annabel on her Bleak House adventure in Devon.

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And what a gift it turned out to be! The adventures whilst in Devon, the sea swims, the delicious food and drink, and the time away were incredibly special. For me, the most welcome, and probably least expected element, was the time shared with a group of the most wonderful ladies. I will forever be grateful for the friendships forged. The gift of time is a precious one, and I can think of no better gift than a retreat with Annabel and the wonderful ladies I met.