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Distraught, Lawrence pointed and shouted, "Dad, you're not going to die today. Moments later, Anthony Yahle's heart monitor showed signs of life, Dr. It wasn't a regular heart beat, but once or twice a minute, the monitor would pick up tiny electrical movements.

Nazir gave one of Yahle's hanging medicine bags a squeeze to restore his blood pressure and the team began working on him again. That was more than a week ago, on Aug. Doctors thought Yahle, a year-old diesel mechanic, would need a heart transplant or be in a vegetative state the rest of his life, but he's home resting and seems fine.

Yahle's near-death experience started at 4 a. Melissa, who has been a nurse for seven years, said she tried unsuccessfully to wake him up. Melissa and Lawrence performed CPR until an ambulance could arrive, and first responders found a heartbeat after shocking Yahle several times. At the hospital, doctors expected Yahle's arteries to be clogged, but they were clear. Things were looking positive until later that afternoon, when Yahle's heart stopped.

He fled Afghanistan to escape violence, only to watch a man die in his arms in Christchurch

He "coded" for 45 minutes as doctors tried to revive him, but eventually Nazir realized it was time to call the time of death. At some point, you have to call it off.

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Nazir said he wasn't sure exactly how long Yahle was "dead," before Lawrence ran down the hall to tell his father he couldn't die that day. Nazir said it was "mind boggling.

Chapter 12

He doesn't remember any of the experience after he went to bed on Aug. These are things that just clinically don't happen. Yahle is set to go back to work on Monday, and doctors may do a heart biopsy to find out more about what happened. Alternate Versions. The Fugitive — Rate This. Season 1 Episode All Episodes Director: Laslo Benedek. Added to Watchlist Add to Watchlist. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: David Janssen Bellows John Anderson Ed Shrader Russell Collins Cal Clement Judson Pratt Bowers Randy Boone Benjy Bruce Dern Charley David McLean Sheriff Barry Morse Philip Gerard credit only Virginia Christine Cora John McLiam Jeff Diane Ladd Stella John Harmon Edit Storyline Kimble is deputized to transport a suspected killer of a man and his wife, to the county seat, along with witnesses who want to lynch the prisoner.

Language: English. Runtime: 51 min. Color: Black and White. The only way I knew that that was possible? He had to leave me. The thought of him continuing in this life like this was a thousand times more heartbreaking than the thought of living without him.

I told him he was free from this life and that so many people were waiting for him on the other side. I spoke out loud, asking my deceased grandma, his mom, to please grab his hand and take him up. I kissed his cool forehead, knowing it was coming soon. Then I walked to the kitchen to eat some lunch. I came back 15 minutes later with his next dose of medication. I walked into a room with a man whose chest was no longer rising and falling.

I cried harder than I have ever cried before, draping my body over his. Jul 6, These pictures were taken 6 months apart. The picture on the right was taken a week before he passed. One of my favorite pictures of us from my childhood. I told him I would be okay. I told him that I gave him permission to go.

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I whispered in his ear that I loved him, that his grandkids all loved him. Not like I thought. But he couldn't stay. The necklace I had made from a letter he wrote to me. Recent Posts See All. Write a comment. Grief Dreams. All About Food. You're in preview mode. To share posts, head to your live site.