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I know what rights married couples posses which only adds to the reasoning for gay couples to not receive those. I mean once you allow gays to marry what stops anyone from marrying anything or even polygamy. I mean the main argument is "love is love. No it's not, it's why pedophiles and others are against the law, what you are not comprehending it has to do with two consenting adults. You're grasping at nonsense to justify your prejudice, nothing more.

Your post proves you're clueless on this subject. Again, your stupidity on this subject is showing. The experts have stated it's totally natural and normal because it has to do with what happens in the womb and the brain. Gay relationships is found in over other species, so it is totally natural. Only prejudice bigots hang onto the pathetic arguments you are making that aren't founded in real facts.

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CNN: glad to see two dissenting opinions posted. Hopefully next time you can get more knowledgable representatives for both sides. What I don't understand is how poeple can quote the Bible and state that God is fine with a man marrying a man and a woman marrying a woman. Why did God say 'It is not good that man should be alone, let Us create a helper for him' and create woman.

Why didn't God just create another man? He could have made the two men procreate? Or better yet, He could have made one man and one woman, then made a 'helper' man and woman each for the pair He initially created. Creation attests to the fact that a man should be with a woman and vice versa. God created man to compliment a woman and vice versa, not only physically but emotionally, mentally, spiritually. God intended man to be with woman because she has virtues he lacks and he those she lacks, he has needs only she can fulfill and hers can only be fulfilled by man.

God created man and woman uniquely to compliment one another. And when they are united in marraige the bible says they become ONE. With one complimenting the other, with one filling the gaps and voids of the other, coming together, God can now see them as one. I don't think you can say the same for a union between two poeple of the same gender, Reverend. We can look at translations and meanings of some bible verses that have now been stated to be 'controversial' regarding the g a y relationships, which may just continue in argument after argument.

BUT i don't think you'll ever be able to dispute the intent of God when He created man and woman. This is the original purpose. And since God is eternal and unchanging, His purpose has not changed since creation. The original writers of the bible never intended the beginning to be about se xual orientation. It was more about how God created earth.

So guess what God created gay people too, modern science and psychology have said so, scroll down and read Erik's post. This shows the importance that God gives to committed relationships.

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For a heterose xual, the only suitable companion is a person of the opposite gender. For a ho mose xual individual, the only suitable companion is a person of the same gender. To say that gays and lesbians should not form committed relationships is to say that it is good for people to remain alone. This is a direct contradiction of God's statement; it implies that God is a liar. Really, god unchanged? He USED to think women should not be able to vote, or have rights. He USED to think interracial relationships were wrong.

He USED to think slavery was okay. If he is fully omnipotent he would have had everything figured out already. Read a history book on any change in religion and you will see religion also eveolves through the ages. Including Christianity. God is unchanging. People are not. One of the things we do is to learn. Not only directly, but by taking in what others have learned. Anyone ever think that creating people to be biologically gay might be God's way of helping with our overpopulation problem? Maybe He is providing a way for two people to be in a committed, loving relationship and build a home for the unwanted children of the world.

A lesbian can have a baby that shares her genetics and a gay man can use a surrogate and have a baby with his genetics.

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So, technically a gay person can be fruitful and multiply, your argument is invalid. According to all you people against gay people living their life when their orientation — heck call it a choice and be wrong, whatever — they're going to burn in hell for eternity anyway. No - it is not good enough for these bigots to believe the gays are going to burn in hell for eternity anyway. They want them to burn right here tight now. Christians are not called to hate. If in their overzealeousness or while trying to act righteous, some have hated the gay or lesbian community, then they are wrong and will be judged accordingly.

However, we Christians are called to follow the instructions in the Bible. There is no trying to go around that fact. Just like murder is a sin. BUT we don't hate the sinner. Also, we human beings Christian or not are not in a position to judge anyone. The ultimate judge is Jesus Christ, who is coming in all His glory to sit on His throne and judge the world.

However, we are called to point out sin. This becomes more difficult in a world of modernization and so called democracy and equality. But if it says so in the Bible, then that's what we should be preaching. No it's not what is a sin is worshiping a pagan god using se x, male prosti tution and idolatry. I bet you don't even know they added the world ho mose xual to Corinthians do you?

Christ never condemn the saved loving partnership of a gay person. Read carefully now what it's really saying. It's why there are now churches, clergy, pastors, rabbi's gong on record stating being gay is NOT a sin. Someone needs to read Matthew again. Ran — essentially what you're doing is getting to judge and feel superior by proxy. Just be honest, you think you're better than gay people.

Going against the long ingrained belief system of the majority of Americans is a tough row to hoe. The best bet is to keep chiseling away at all organzied religion. Who do they think they are, anyway? Scientifically, it takes a man and woman to produce children and sustain human existence. I don't think gay marriage is what the creator intended for the survival of our species, so agree with the pastor.

I don't believe that gay is a race of people like white, black, or brown but a perverted choice comparable to pedofilia. I feel the love Craig I have the right to post my thoughts. Name callining isn't necessary. This can be achieved in many ways. The point is that It doesn't take a marriage to produce children, and moreover, producing children is not a requirement of civil marriage.

One point down. Sustaining human existence is not a problem Two points down. No offense, remember that sweet Carrie Prejean? Three points down. There are gay people of all races, so gay cannot be a race. Four points down. Your belief that gay is a perverted choice is only your belief and is not shared by many professional organizations. Five points down. Looks like everything in your post is nothing more than unfounded ignorance. The good news is that there is hope for you. I don't really care what people choose to do in there private lives but some of you guys say the darndest things.

We defiantly do need to procreate in order to continue the human race. You and Haas are why these forums are such a waste of time. Your both so wrapped up in your opinions and thinking your so superior than everyone else its sad. Haas really, you compare gays to pedophilla, disgusting, thats what gives christians a bad rap people like you always judging when they shouldn't.

Micheal, your rant I'm sure made you feel superior but for someone who believes in God it does matter what he intended. And I would like you to list the many professional organizations who believe its not a choice, though it doesn't matter. By the way Haas doesn't think gay is a race either, so your point made no sense.

Your comment on sustaining human race and over population, maybe if there weren't so many children conceived outside of marriage it would be better, but thats another arguement. Look I'm a christian that believes why shouldn't they have the right to marry? Its not my place to judge them. I'm thankful here in CA the courts struck down Prop. I think we should try to understand both sides of the argument. I don't believe gays are a race of people, either. If you think they can't procreate you are correct.

Why are you obsessed about it? So they won't have children good, 7 billion people will procreate, I assure you. So you think they will go to hell.

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That is God's decision, not yours. There are a few things I dont understand How would hurt anyone if gays are allowed to marry?

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Why does feelings of certain groups get to dictate who I love and should be able to marry? It is under constant assault by religious zealots. Never stop defending it. Never underestimate them. Jesus loved all the children of the world. As an adopted child, both in my family and in my church families over the years, I know the love and blessing of adoption. I know what it meant as a child to grow up wiht the security of having a family with committed parents who loved each other and the children they adopted—and to be welcomed into the church where we grew up.

Now as an adult, I wish that all children young and old could share that joy of loving parent or parents, joy that is committed in family, and joy that is recognized as a whole family, legally, socially accepted and blessed by God. The last has always been there. Maybe we are starting to listen. Hurrah for Washington. One more thing It is not a genetic disorder excluding hemaphrodites and it is not a race, creed or ethnicity. So why are we making laws that favor a group of people for their lifestyle choices? If this is to be the case then we should all ban together and fight for the rights of all the other people who have made different lifestyle choices.

What we have done and what everyone fails to see is put a lifestyle on a pedestal and exhatled it like it is moral and righteous He probably isn't. And my guess is neither are you. Which means you can't prove he's wrong any more than he can prove he's right. I'll vote for his right to choose at this point. A lifestyle choice is like "I will own two Mercedes and a huge RV and a speed boat and I will travel the country.

There aren't laws that prevent two people in lifestyle choices from being married. If being gay is only a lifestyle choice. There still is no reason why they can't be married. Im against the idea of a gay relationship but Im not against people having the freedom to choose to do what they want to. With that said, well put statement it really kills that whole its a "lifestyle" choice argument. I don't want government telling people who to be with. Thats crazy. How would you know that is a choice unless you want to sleep with men but choose to sleep with woman instead? Regardless if being gay is a "lifestyle choice" which it is not You know what IS a "lifestyle choice"? And you know what? There are laws that protect those "lifestyle choices". You cannot descriminate against someone for their religion in work, housing, etc Scott Fisher.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

Pocket Guide. Harpsichord Pieces, Book 4, Suite 24, No. Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches. Materials and Surface Engineering in Tribology. His search for the Sacred has taken him into. Crazy Christians Louis who practices pastoral ministry through raising thoughtful questions and allowing people room to explore the options on their own terms. When the family fails to pay up, she goes after 7-year-old Javier Angel, bludgeoning, strangling dating website for 18 and up and finally suffocating him.

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Staples have successfully taken the necessary steps in order to communicate online dating sites in ireland their values to their customers. It is more common for men compared to women to engage in extradyadic relationships. Christianity always provided for ordinary human flourishing, but included inscrutable divine grace.

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