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I have everything I want in this small room — books, writing materials, two desks, a comfortable bed, a glass of water, an old watch running slow like me, a window with a view and…. Customs change with the changing times, but not always for the better.

I do miss the old GP, the family doctor, who would turn up at your house at short notice. You had only to…. New day, I awoke to grey skies, mist, a leaden atmosphere.

But then the sun broke through, gilding the rooftops, slipping through the half open window, lighting up the papers on my desk. The first…. Apparently it is now much in demand in western countries, a fashionable substitute for meat fillings for burgers, sandwiches,…. With Holi just around the corner I must remember to keep a couple of buckets of water ready — not coloured water, but plain and simple tap water so that when all the revelry and….

In these days of cash rationing, I miss the days when I used to subsist largely on postal money orders.

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That was back in the days of my youth, when I freelanced from Dehradun, bombarding…. While it is true that I do most of my writing by hand, this does not mean that I will use any pencil or pen that comes to hand.

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Kind people often give me fountain…. A little solitude now and then is good for the soul and good for the pen.

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And it is not only writers who need it. We could all do with a few hours of solitary…. As a light snack nothing could be simpler or more satisfying than a slice of bread and butter, a combination that has been the staple of my diet for the better part of my plus…. I can meditate upon a geranium. That is, I can spend a long time gazing at one. And while I was gazing at mine, there came a phone call from my accountant informing me that….

Many people do it.

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But I must say I am…. Every night, before I sleep, I spend at least 10 to 15 minutes reading great poetry. With the passing of Ram Advani, the legendary bookseller of Lucknow, an entire era has come to an end: an era in which small, quality bookshops were run by committed individuals, for whom book selling…. Update Consent. Tech Science Reviews Search for:.

Religious Musings was composed by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in and finished by It is one of his first poems of critical merit and contains many of his early feelings about religion and politics. He continued to work on the poem for over a year and it was published in his collection of poems as Religious Musings: A Desultory Poem, Written on the Christmas Even of Also, Religious Musings was expanded with an addition just after its first publication.

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After finishing the poem in March , Coleridge wrote to his friend Thomas Poole in April to say "I pin all my poetical credit on the Religious Musings. I build all my poetic pretentions on the Religious Musings". Religious Musings is a line blank verse poem. The poem begins with a connection to John Milton's On the Morning of Christ's Nativity by referring to the narrator as a prophet. Along with this prophetic emphasis is a description of Christ's birth: [6].

Partway through the poem, the narrator introduces the idea of One Life: [7].

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As the poem progresses, the narrator lists those who work to use science and reason to help mankind, including Benjamin Franklin, called "Patriot Sage": [8]. The poem continues to introduce more of that elect group of individuals that are helping the world: [8].

Musings: Bloomin’ in Autumn – A Review

The poem ends optimistically with images of nature: [8]. Religious Musings deals with many political and religious issues with topics including the British Parliament, slavery, God and the French Revolution, property rights, and atheism. The poet can conquer these problems, but only in his own imagination.

Changes to the text from the various versions remove the poem's original claim that individuals can better the world. He does praise those that help, including Newton, Hartley, Priestly, and others, but puts any notion of changing the world as more contemplative than actual.

Many of the religious images are similar to those in the Book of Revelation , including an emphasis on a New Heaven and New Earth that would eventually come.