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He can get help whenever he is suicidal or wanting to kill someone. He and myself have told police, judges and the mental health professionals, in our area, that he will end up committing suicide or killing someone, hopefully not me, if he does not get help. He has put his girl friend in the hospital 3 times, went to jail, and someone always bails him out. It is not pretty when this happens. He sees a psychologist and psychiatrist. He takes his medication, but that has not helped much. I do not know what to do. My Mom and Dad are gone. I take care of my husband. But, helping my son and taking care of my son is taking its toll on me.

He we are in the middle of getting him on disability. I need to find a way to deal with him, be there for him, and help him, and not let it affect my nerves and life so much. Does anyone have any suggestions? My illness is not so severe that my mother is caring for me, but I started looking for alternate housing last year, when I realized that my mother is actually contributing to my illness. This past spring, I started to pull out of a three-year major depression in which my major form of exercise consisted of turning over in bed to lie on my other side for a while.

I had started managing my anxiety by meditation and other holistic means. And my mother has become increasingly emotionally abusive- not yelling and screaming, but playing sick little mind games. Things came to a head last week. I had to go back on my anti-anxiety medication largely due to her abuse. I can completely understand. My mom constantly threatens to kick me out, which is abusive, as I have abandonment issues.

That they need counseling as well in order to understand better reactivity techniques. If I lived anywhere near you, I would be your roommate. I am having a really hard time. We have been parenting my son who struggles with depression, anxiety, mood disorder,ADHD, learning disabilities and now substance issues. He is 19 and we had to have him removed from our home. It is tearing out my heart and soul. I know that we have done all we can and will continue to support him as best we can. I look at other young men and wonder why.. HI Karen. I feel for you.

I am heart broken as well. If they would just get the right treatment, the right doctor it would be so much easier. At what point, do I have the right to tell my son to just leave, get out and leave us alone. I have nursed him through two suicide attempts and now he uses the threat of suicide to coerce us into giving in to whatever he demands of us. Today he said something so cruel and vile to me that he finally crossed a line I cannot abide. My son has alianated his sister, his step-brothers and now finally me, his mother. He has been provided with all the medical care that can be offered, we have three mental health professionals on the payroll and yet nothing is working.

I want out of this hell. Just when do we have permission to start recovery from verbal abuse, financial ruin, and not having a life so to speak. Almost killed me twice… Someone like me who inherited stock from a privately held oil company that was founded by one of my great uncles never should have been on food stamps, working 3 jobs, beat up from work injuries by the time I was 36 years old no one would hire me so I started my own company. And how on earth do you think these thongs happen anyway? I am worn out and beaten down.

My 44 year old is blaming me for everything that is wrong with him. I feel I have enabled him all his life. I need to have more strength so he can be a more responsible person. He is a good person, but can be abusive, manipulative and deceitful. I need help. I divorced my husband when my youngest daughter was 9. My two girls lived with me and he got them every other weekend. Or should I say they were with his parents and he went out and partied. I divorced him because he was mentally abusive and he destroyed the home. Fast forward to my youngest being She started acting out typical teenager stuff.

So one day after stopping her computer time she called her Dad and told him she wanted to live with him. He took her to get back at me for divorcing him. Because two weeks later, I asked to meet with him about our daughter and all he said was. Not very helpful as you can imagine.

She told him lies about me which I later found out. So she could go to his place. Anyway shortly after trouble started. Now scoot ahead to her being 17 years old. My daughter got a concussion and 6 months later she started having seizures. Before this she was perfectly healthy. And you guessed it, her Dad washed his hands of her.

After he spent all that time disrespecting me to her. She had electrodes attached to her brain to see if she would be a good candidate for surgery and they told me no as the seizures are coming from both sides of her brain. The problem is this. The seizures are nothing compared to her Nasty, nasty attitude and outbursts. She blames everyone and never looks at her own behavior and when I go to my bedroom to avoid the drama she texts me with more verbal abuse and threats.

Yet this morning she was ready to go. These roller coaster mood swings are truly unbearable. Thank you for your comment, Tracy. We wanted to provide links to some resources that may be relevant to you and your daughter here. I understand the verbal abuse and anger from your son.

My 33 year old daughter is the same way.

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I too, have not had a life with all of this chaos for 15 years. Trying to get an LPS Conservatorship to contain and control her. It Is unrelenting and tired of it. It is not fair for them or us. Please take care. We have to deal with our own anger and live our own life. Have not got the answer yet.

There is nothing like this. Over 50 ER hospitalizations. Constant suicide attempts in last 20 months. I totally understand where you are coming from, my son is 20 and bi polar, I am to the point of running away and never looking back. Good luck to everyone and god bless you all.

I came to this site because I felt like I was about to have a nervous breakdown over my adult son. He has been diagnosed with Bipolar I with psychosis. He is continually abusive to me when he is manic and says scary things. For example he calls himself lord Lucifer.

He looses touch with reality during his manic times. I feel like I am watching a slow moving train wreck and worry about what he will do next. Will he end up in jail again or take another trip to the mental hospital? Will I survive this?

Review - The Eden Express - Schizophrenia

Will he survive this? My son has been successful, owns his own business and performs comedy. He is able to keep it together for short stretches of time. Short stretches of time. Then the mania takes over and ruins his life and everyone around him that loves him. He is extremely abusive and dangerous. He stops showering, shaving and taking care of his house. He is in his own reality right now. I think this is going to kill me as his mother who loves him and worries daily. All I can do is to give myself some space from him and try to keep it together myself. What have others done to get through this insanity and stay sane while trying to help them out of their trauma?

Funny how you kind of trip over things like this as you blindly search….. And so I found this page — an interesting article, but more than that a collection of people whose stories are so much like my own. I am a single divorced mother whose husband washed his hands of parenthood a few years ago. My 24 year old son has suffered depression and anxiety since age 16, and is getting worse.

He refuses treatment but continues sinking deeper into despair — becoming hostile and abusive mainly toward me, but also to his sister and others , pushing people away, and having difficulty thriving and becoming self-sufficient in the world. I am perpetually holding my breath, living in fear that he will one day tire of the battle and take his own life. I am in awe of the courage and strength I see here, and the infinite love of parents for their children. Godspeed to you all, and thank you for sharing your stories.

I feel less alone.

My family is in the same boat. My brother is mentally ill and has many struggles. He has punched holes in my parents walls and has even slapped my dad. He was recently baker acted. Five days later the mental facility contacted us and said to come get him because they needed the extra beds for new patients to come in.

We made an immediate appointment with all his doctors with the entire family together. We discussed a plan and have stuck to it. We have no expectations and just keep pushing on. We decided that due to the violent behaviors perhaps my parents have worn out there welcome with my brother.

Not to any fault of their own as they are the greatest parents ever. It simply had taken a toll on them and they were too tired to keep helping him at the capacity that they were at. So we looked into a mortgage that people who are rendered disabled to get him a home of his own. We moved him out and hired a life coach. The life coach goes to his house several times a week to help by groceries etc. Utilizing the life coach prohibits us from micromanaging his life and doing things for him. It teaches him to do it for himself. It is natural that we wanted all these years to protect him and just do everything for him but it created a person who already has mental issues to now have resentment because he could read us like a book and manipulate.

And when I say manipulate it is not intentional. So with the life coach he is less likely to fight the battle with a stranger and more likely to cooperate out of fear of not really knowing that person. So far things are looking up. He will probably never hold a job or even have relationships outside our family but we have enough love to make up for all that. Best of luck to everyone but sometimes excepting and letting go and taking risks is the only salvation for a family dealing with a family member with mental illness.

You must be in the UK. My 35 year old daughter is ruining both our lives. She is verbally abusive, lazy, disrespectful. She cannot hold a job down for more than a few months. She takes several medications for anxiety that her family doctor prescribes but she sees no mental health Doctor. I am at the end of a very long rope emotionally, physically and financially. I am broke, hurting, and not getting much sleep. She left. It bothers me, but not as much as the last time. I am probably a bad mother.

I really thought you would be getting the same if not better help than us here in uk.. Her dad and I who have been separated for years have given everything, spent everything to get therapists, vacations all sorts of things and at the end of the day she needs to make the decision to put all the things in place to fight this and if she chooses not then I cant change that.

Schizoaffective Disorder

I lived in fear for years of coming home and finding her dead and now I have let that go. It would destroy me and I cant control it. We have given everything and continue to give and love her but I cannot control the outcome or her desire to live. Cheryl, Thank you for your post it was insightful…letting go releases you as well as your love one. I wish I had some encouraging words. I am currently dealing an with an adult daughter with bipolar disorder who can hold a job, she gets them but cant keep them. I am ready to cut her loose totally just to survive myself.

I am home from work today because of so much stress from last night when she told me she was going to stop one of her meds. Any advice for support would be helpful. My daughter is 26 years old. She was a pretty normal person most of her life. She had three little boys one after the other. Her mental illness getting worse after each pregnancy.

My Garden of Eden Villa, Kalpetta, Kerala

She left her husband and came to leave with me. Leaving with her was very inpredictable. She attacked me twice, stole my car and broke my windows. I had to get a restraining order against just to protect myself. She went to jail twice because she does not show up in court when she supposed to. It is a heartbreaking situation and I feel for all the parents who are going through this. My son is 26 and has been diagnosed as bi polar schizophrinic since Son has been in and out of our home since he became an adult.

My husband is beyond ready to have our home to ourselves. My son just got on Medicaid does not have Disability does not know if He wants it. My son just this pass week end slit both wrist and they sent him home. Instead they released him to a have a therapist call him who my son has been listed under for over a year, but has never seen.

Finally, today the therapist calls to make an appointment with my son and apologizes for calling late because he has been moving offices. My son slit his wrist while drinking. He did this in my basement. Stole money from my wallet to buy the alcohol. Then I wake to find my son slurring his words again last night. I slept with one eye open in a chair at the bottom of my stairs by the front door. Where does this madness end?? Where does his life begin?? Dear Sheila, I know how hard this is for. We also had our son in the hospital several times. They also pay me the care giver. Its so hard to deal with a grown man.

Especially when he drinks. I really think they need to be pro active about mental health. The police had to pick him up last time. He called 5 minutes later a was released! So we have no privileged info because of hippa. We know nothing more than day he went in.

Its sad. We only want the best for our kids. But at 18, we are no longer involved on his plan of care. Best wishes to you all. I have been through so much with my 32 year old daughter. She has been hospitilized more than 50 times over 12 years. It is so sad and no one understands. We live in poverty and are both in failing health.

My parent is terminally ill, and these are my last days with her. We have offered to take him in while she tries to get on her feet never been able to do ,but she wants to stay with him. We have tried to help her for many years and so have countless others. She is on meds, but no therapy. She has difficulty keeping jobs, keeping shelter, paying bills. We cannot afford to pay for two households. I am not safe if she lives with me. Pray for us all. You are also welcome to call us for assistance finding a therapist. We are in the office Monday through Friday from a.

Pacific Time; our phone number is ext. Good day. I am 44 living and working in Texas and my sister who is 2years my senior, is l iving off of my aging mother, who is on a fixed income and i have to sometimes supplement her income. My mom has had some health issues in past blood pressure, 2 hrt attks, blood clot to her left lung…that one was the scariest, high cholestrol…you get my point she does not need any kind of stress in her life.

That being said, my sister who is 46, has not worked in several years. All tests come back normal, nothing is found to be wrong…she she plays it up and insist she is ill. I hope i am not coming off as harsh, as i have alot on my plate already deali b g with my godfather being resently diagnosed with stage 4 lung, liver and brain cancer, so please forgive me i seemingly have no smypathy for someone wanting to be sick when i have another wanting nothing more than be healthy. It is the only issue you will have to deal with. Bless them and yourself in understanding this.

He has his own flat, but spends most of his time living with me. I am, to put it mildly, totally and utterly exhausted by it. I hope this site will help me to feel less alone. Hi Barbara My nephew done two and half years studying higher maths n science but they let him go as he was acting strangely. Still has not been diagnosed properly what kind of mental illness it is. He thinks he know everything, questions everything, is very rude but he thinks other people are not being fair,will only take tablets when HE thinks he needs it. Do not have friends.

He will not accept that there is anything wrong. Will not sign in sickness benefit as he wants to work. But after couple of days employer lets him go.

He wears you down after being in his company and I cannot stand his verbal abuse. So should I just tell him he is rude and stop his silliness.. I know this is illness but this is no way to speak to people and get away with it. What do you think? Looks like Vikki comment 24 is the only one offering a solution, which requires extended family involvement. I had never thought of the life coach idea.

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My son is currently Baker acted. He is He has had problems since he was 6. He father committed suicide after we were divorced. My son has been in and out of facilities since he was He does well for awhile, especially in controlled environments, was in the military, has held jobs, but the addiction spirals out of control and we are back to square one. He is married, but I dont see how it will last. I think the hard thing is knowing how involved to be or not to be. He is my son, and I love him, but it takes a toll. I have to try to focus on keeping myself well too. My heart is with all you out there who are living this nightmare.

We are not alone. We are parents of South Africa our daughter is 10 and we had living hell from the time she was born. She has 10 different diseases , Addison, multiple personality disorder , depression,ostioporoses , hart problems , left hip problems ,third disorder,hormone divescincy ,epilepsy ,list goes on and on. Hi Barbara, Comment 26 I am in a very similar situation to you and have been trying to find a carers support group in London to no avail. If you do read this please get in touch and maybe we can support each other. Hi Linda, 29 This is Barbara Thanks for replying to my comments.

I live in London too! Maybe you could say a bit more about your situation? I wonder how many of us there are in London, looking for a support group! I would find it difficult attending a group, though, as I work afternoons and evenings. However, I would really appreciate being in touch with people who understand my situation. Hope to hear from you again. To everyone who has shared their stories, wishing you strength. Mental illness runs in my family. There have been some very dark times but I still thank each day that my loved ones are still alive. One year my dad died of cancer and both my mother and brother both attempted suicide all within a week.

Ever since I have decided that life is the most important thing even though at times it is hard to hope. I try to appreciate the small moments of calm and beauty like a sunset or the scent of jasmine. Probably sounds lame but it works for me. I am very lucky to have a good job and have developed the ability to switch my head into work mode instantly even after a stressful phone call or text conversation. Please everyone try to love yourselves and forgive yourselves when you reach your limits. Omg thank you for that. It gave me permission to protect my money, my sleep and myself. I had two bipolar adult kids.

I now have one. My son died of a heroin overdose. Code for bipolar. My 38 year old daughter who is high functioning at work but not at all in her personal relationships to include ours. She says the most horrible cruel things to me and about me tho we are very close. She threatens suicide every month And attempts it often is shes a cutter. Her body is a chopped up mess. I just wait for that call again. I want to live full time with my Mom and Dad. I am autistic and I live in an apartment with supported living.

Do you have any places where me and my Mom and Dad can go to or any suggestions? I feel lost at times like life is leading me into a dead end never dreamed my life would be like this three beautiful kids and I am divorced and my ex suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar and is off in another state in his own world well I fight this battle alone with our kids.

Two of my kids suffer from mental health issues my 13 year old suffers from sever depression and spends all day locked in his room and even skips school to stay in his room has suicidal thoughts and wont talk to no one not even me any more, my daughter my baby suffers from bipolar, anger issues, adjustment disorder,adhd and ocd I believe she has schizophrenia I see signs everyday is different with her, she has been institutionalized twice, all adults and kids are scared of her when she gets mad and she is only 9.

I have a mental health social worker in home therapist psychiatrist, counselors, teachers and myself all working with my kids. I would never send my kids away turn my back on them because they have mental illness like my ex, yes some days are tough but I prey and I get threw it. I do feel like I am collapsing though not sure sometimes how much strength I have to do this alone anymore. I reach out to find anyone else who understand me and my situation. I hear your pain. It is lonely. The hardest part for me is I feel alone and no one understands or cares to understand. Some days I just want to stay in bed or end my life.

We received the comment that you submitted on our blog earlier today. Thank you so much for visiting GoodTherapy. You can do one of the following immediately:. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is equipped to take a wide range of calls, from immediate suicidal crisis to providing information about mental health. RAINN provides support for sexual assault victims and their loved ones through two hotlines at HOPE and Online. Whether you are more comfortable on the telephone or online, RAINN has services that can guide you in your recovery.

HOPE, and you will be directed to a rape crisis center near your area. I feel the exact same way. No one gets this or what it is like dealing with them and a system that does not help. To Deanna, 34, I completely understand your pain and exhaustion. My son is 29, and has had issues with severe anger outbursts all his life.

He had his first psychotic breakdown when he was 17, and has been in and out of hospitals many times. He showed signs of mental illness when he was a child but no-one picked up on it. He was my first child, so I had nothing to compare his behaviour with. He made the lives of his brother and sister hell, with his violent outbursts.

I have been on my own with all three children since my eldest son was 7, my younger son 5 and my daughter 2. I am exhausted and full of grief that my son has no real chance of having a normal, happy life. I live in the UK. It is good to be in contact with people who understand. When my son was about 14 I noticed something not quit right in his mental development.

It was also about the same time he started sneaking out of house and using drugs. Before this he was doing great in school and in sports but then within a few months everything was upside down. It was difficult when he was young just trying to manage all the expenses and time to raise a child by myself but is almost unbearable as he is getting older.

When he was 15 I moved to the other side of town hoping this would help. I found he was stealing from me and selling my things for drugs. The doctors said it is called self medicating. I started making police reports hoping the paperwork would lead to help. He was never charged- these were complaints. In many ways it did but it was a heartbreaking journey. I was missing a lot of work by trying to get him counseling and also the time chasing him down when he would disappear or not be in school. Since I was a single parent the state assisted by putting him into a forest care home which one parent was always supervising him.

I request that the home be at least an hour away from Albuquerque due to my son going to local friends home that only embedded his behavior. He was with the other family for six months and while in the program the other family -along with myself and teachers agreed that if he stayed in high school that if may only make his behavior worse. So at 16 with only four credits of high school he went through the GED program. After the six months with the family he was released and had a probational officer assigned. However, the program was zero tolerance for drugs and he used pot on serval occasions.

The state then siad they would either put him back into a two parent family so someone was always watching him or put him into a drug court program which was very intense. I chose the drug court program. After two admissions to psychiatric hospitals, interspersed with a familiar story of resistance to any psychiatric explanation of his problems, rejection of medication, relapse and traumatic readmission, Vonnegut reluctantly accepted that medication might be helpful and returned to the farm sane, although lacking the zeal and energy that had driven him during its development.

His decision to leave is a poignant moment, recognition that the hippie lifestyle had not fulfilled its promise, that his relationship with Virginia was over, and that he would have to leave Zeke behind. The Eden Express documents that experience, from Vonnegut's decision to drive north in search of Eden to his return, by way of intense periods of psychosis, to the society he had rejected. The reissue of The Eden Express comes at an interesting time in the history of madness. Originally released in , Vonnegut's account of his encounter with insanity, his attempts to deny, understand and control it, is an intensely personal account of his individual life, and of a period often remembered as misinformed, misguided and foolish.

The notion that 'mental illness' was at best a social construction, at worst a fiction maintained by a powerful elite had wide currency, especially amongst Vonnegut's peer group of disaffected college students. A society that waged an unjust war could not be trusted in a matter such as soundness of mind. If society was mad, who could provide a standard of sanity? Vonnegut notes in his introduction to the new edition:. At the time I would have endorsed the radical notions of R. Laing that insanity was an insane reaction to an insane society.

The pendulum has swung from the individual to the state as the legitimate focus of interests. And yet there is much in Vonnegut's account that is consistent with alternatives to biological reductionism and risk management. Throughout his intense periods of delusional thinking, Vonnegut struggles to make sense of the world as he sees it. His account, constructed as a narrative, exemplifies that whatever 'explains' madness has to be integrated into the biography of the individual in order to restore a functional sense of self. This applies as much to biological explanations as to the social theories that gained currency in the 's and 70's.

And yet as this memoir shows, a plausible theory might somehow explain the experience of madness, but prove futile as a means of rescuing someone from its consequences. Knowing that madness is an individual's rational response to an irrational society is no substitute for protecting that person from the dangers of madness.

Bengaluru, India 21 contributions 2 helpful votes. Decent stay.. Last minute decision to visit wayanad fetched us to garden of eden.. With no regrets I would recommend this place as it s a budget hotel n worth every single penny.. Rooms are decent.. Staff members are polite and humble.. Food was good.. Pool s well maintained.. The only drawback was reachability.. Date of stay: August Trip type: Travelled as a couple. Karen I wrote a review Feb Idyllic remote hideaway.

The road to get there was pretty exciting - it's very remote - but when we arrived it was magical. The pool was freezing - but the kids didn't seem to notice. They even built us a bonfire on both nights to sit around before dinner. The food was great - we felt like they tried to provide us with all of their delicacies in the short time we were there. A veritable feast at every meal. In short - highly recommended - but be aware of exactly where you are, as we ended up doing alot of driving as we were not ideally located for our day trips not the fault of the hotel. Date of stay: December KshitijVats wrote a review Dec Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India 3 contributions 3 helpful votes.

Must Visit. Let me say this is my first review on trip advisor and this is because I would really like to visit this place again. I appreciate the efforts of Mr. They really made my stay memorable. In my four days 6 Dec' Dec'14 of stay I hardly had any issue. Clean, quiet and peaceful. Just the right place for people who want to be with nature. In true words God's own country.

Date of stay: December Rooms. Sleep Quality. Benjamin John wrote a review Dec Kochi Cochin , India 51 contributions 5 helpful votes. A lovely place for honeymoon.