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Pakistan continues playing the victim card to reap maximum military benefits from the US 18 Sep, , Mumbai attacks: Pak asks India to provide 'solid evidence' 7 Dec, , Cornered Pakistan may strike India to salvage lost pride 6 May, , Contemporary chroniclers, shaken by the crisis unfolding before them, dwelt at length on the alarming sequence of events.

Bands of skirmishers from either side encountered one another, and after a vicious fight the rebels emerged victorious. At this, the janissaries emerged from their trenches, sat down with their supposed enemies, and drank coffee with them. Yet the janissary rank-and-file were easily able to have amicable intercourse with the rebels. As it transpired, permission for it to be taken from the palace had been given by the Registrar of the Descendants of the Prophet who ignored the tradition that only the sultan had the authority to take such a decision. Another high-ranking cleric, on the other hand, was wary of the consequences of issuing a juridical opinion that it was licit to attack rebels whose grievances contained more than a grain of truth: the recent massacre in the Hippodrome demonstrated that it might produce further violence.

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Yet the rebels could conceive of no other redress than the award of an office of state. In those in possession of state land-grants were ordered to pay over half their income as an extraordinary tax, 53 a move which can only have exacerbated the already turbulent situation in the provinces.

They hoped to make the statesmen in Istanbul aware of provincial concerns, and to impose their own vision of government upon the chaos they witnessed there. Melek Ahmed, Evliya wrote, had entered state service from such a background. In August Melek Ahmed Pasha was appointed grand vezir, but his term came to an abrupt end a year later as a result of his incompetence in handling a violent uprising of Istanbul tradesmen.

The treasury was empty in these years, and when time came in the summer of for salaries to be paid to the janissaries, the state treasurer colluded with their officers to collect debased coin struck in the Belgrade mint and clipped coins wherever they might be found, and the shopkeepers of Istanbul were forced to exchange these for the gold coins in their possession at a loss of 30 per cent on the official rate. The gold coins were then exchanged for silver at the moneychangers, at a loss to the latter.

By this means enough cash was found to both pay the salaries and allow the janissary officers a substantial profit. Guild leaders took their complaints to Melek Ahmed Pasha citing fourteen other levies they had had to endure that year in addition to this latest vexation.

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Their pleas fell on deaf ears. The leaders of the tradesmen appealed to the Sheikhulislam to intercede on their behalf with the Sultan, but he pleaded that he could not and advised them to go once more to the Grand Vezir; their tone became menacing and he was forced to agree to write to Melek Ahmed about the matter. The crowd prepared to disperse, and it seemed that the trouble was over. The crowd also called for the dismissal of Melek Ahmed Pasha.

Night came. The new grand vezir and the Sheikhulislam tried to calm the tension. Next morning the streets were full again, and janissaries stood menacingly on every corner with drawn swords to stop the people reaching the palace. Many of the protestors were wounded, others murdered. Fear eventually dispersed the crowd, but the tradesmen refused to reopen their shops. The janissary officers determined to silence all opposition inside the palace to their domination.

She was murdered on the night of 2 September by palace functionaries hired for the purpose. During her periods of regency in the reigns of her sons Murad IV and İbrahim and her grandson Mehmed IV she had achieved unprecedented influence over political decision-making in her role as protector of the dynasty and the state. Some reckoned that she had, most reprehensibly, amassed a great fortune through illegitimate means and that her involvement in affairs of state was to be execrated. To Mustafa Naima, however, she was a great benefactress who put the income from the lands and revenues assigned to her to good use, undertaking charitable works and construction projects as visible signs of the concern of the dynasty for its subjects.

First to speak were two high-ranking clerics, Hanefi Efendi and Hocazade Mesud Efendi, who adduced the argument that since the Ottoman sultan was the caliph of Islam any opposed to him were to be accounted rebels, and that it was proper to kill them. They recommended that the sacred standard be brought out, and that criers be sent around the city to summon all true believers; any who did not come to the palace should be punished.

The Sultan seemed convinced by their reasoning and the sacred standard was taken from safe-keeping — despite the fact that those causing the disorder were Muslim. By this time criers had roused the people of the city against those who, in usurping the government, had overstepped the bounds of acceptable conduct. The janissary officers, under siege in their mosque, and with no means of escaping from their predicament, were effectively isolated.

Soon the streets were full of men converging on the palace, each armed to defend himself against the janissaries. Bewildered, at first the crowd bided its time, waiting to see what would happen, and before long the rank-and-file janissaries began to join the surge towards the sacred standard, trying to blend in. The loyalty of the people of Istanbul proved by their readiness to rally to the sacred standard, the crowd — and the janissaries in its midst — dispersed.

Three weeks of turmoil were thus brought to an end, and it was seen that the statesmen around the Sultan and his young mother had acquitted themselves well in the handling of an explosive situation. With the ending of janissary domination of Istanbul politics began the supremacy of another clique, that of the palace aghas who had confirmed Turhan Sultan in her position as queen-mother.

In a radical departure from past practice Tarhoncu Ahmed Pasha was required as a condition of his appointment to undertake, in the presence of the Sultan, his vezirs and the Sheikhulislam, to resolve the three problems identified by Hocazade Mesud Efendi. Threatened with the loss of his head if he failed in his mission, Tarhoncu Ahmed set two conditions of his own.

The first was that no one, whatever their status, should be exempt from his efforts to ensure that the state received the moneys due it, and that he should have full independence in this matter; the second, that he should have the power vested in him to rescind the improper appointments and preferments of his predecessor.

Earlier reform efforts had typically been rooted in the attempted reimposition of norms imagined to have prevailed in past times. Now it seemed the realization was dawning that solutions designed to cope with the present were required, rather than attempts to make the present conform to the past. He had spent his early years in the retinue of Abaza Mehmed Pasha, accompanying him when he marched on Istanbul in and during his subsequent career in the Balkans.

His strong-arm tactics made him unpopular, but built him a reputation as the only man capable of putting down the rebellions of these years. One of the demands he addressed to the government was that the Druze of Lebanon, whose grip on the tax-farms of the area he had earlier failed to loosen, be suppressed; he was soon appointed governor of Aleppo and charged with the task of quelling Druze insubordination. His success in this, coupled with an awareness of the dramatic events in Istanbul, encouraged him to put forward his own programme for the redress of the ills besetting the government — as had the unfortunate Varvar Ali Pasha before him; he sent notice of it to the governors of the Anatolian provinces, but received scant response.

Complaints of his harsh style of government in Aleppo reached Istanbul, as did reports that he planned to march on the capital and take retribution on the incumbent statesmen. Alarmed, they sought to deflect his wrath by appointing him grand vezir. At first he refused, but in December he marched from Aleppo to Istanbul to claim the office, seizing tax-farms for his own men, and exacting summary justice as he went.

While serving in the provinces such men were able to build a local power-base from which it seemed possible to dictate their own terms to the government of the day. The war for Crete continued. While the ruling circles were engaged in so intensive an internal struggle for power there was little chance of a consistent policy.

A strong Ottoman fleet sailed south from Istanbul and met the Venetians off Santorini, an initial skirmish which was followed by a battle off Naxos in the Cyclades in which the Ottoman fleet was scattered and close on a thousand captives were taken by the Venetians.

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During his term of office there occurred, in May , what subsequently proved to be the first of four naval battles in the Dardanelles; it ended in Ottoman victory, but the Venetians were able to console themselves with the knowledge that the Ottomans had suffered the substantial loss of six thousand men. The Venetians may have avoided a second set-piece engagement with an Ottoman fleet in , but a joint Venetian—Maltese fleet encountered the foe at the Dardanelles in June ; this time the Ottomans withdrew after a six-hour battle.

In July, a five-week Venetian siege of Monemvasia in the Peloponnese came to nothing. Success or failure in a naval battle of the seventeenth century could lie in a shift of the wind. The feelings of Grand Admiral Kenan Pasha were clear from his report of the circumstances of this defeat. Isadora is guarding an enormous secret; one that will break apart the world as Kaia knows it. As the day of her 13thbirthday dawns, Kaia is unaware that she is about to embark on an amazing magical adventure with dragons, sorcerers and goblins that will see her defeat the evil King Mordor and claim back the Kingdom of Cypathia.

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With her twin brother Kolby at her side she discovers the love of her real family who she got separated from by accident 13 years ago. Teresa is also a photojournalist having written for many local and national papers and magazines including the Mullingar Advertiser, Irish News Review and Emerald Road Racing.

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  6. She loves to create worlds where children and dragons stand side by side in their desire to help make the world a better place. Her heroines often yield magic wands, but Teresa equally values their intelligence, wisdom and compassion. She loves all of the characters in her book but Isadora stands out to her as a selfless and beautiful person, so giving and generous. You can find out more about Teresa and her book on her blog.

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    Today I welcome author Tabitha Baumander. Her book, The Fourth Wall , a collection of short stories, will be out soon. Toronto is a hyper expensive place to call home so my son and I share an apartment. My daughter lives elsewhere and visits often. I have a brain that just generates plot. When I was very young I drew pictures in sequence and for a time thought I would be a cartoonist.

    Then I got older and realized the pictures would never be up to standard and it was really the plot that interested me. I use twitter and have begun doing stories —so far one original and one from one of my published novellas- in serialized form. I wrote the first draft of my first book when my twins were three years old and learned a sentence written or even rewritten is a step closer to writing THE END.

    I think one should think of any kind of advice as a guideline and use your common sense. No matter how crap life can get at least I have that and it makes me a bit special. Someone literally said that to me yesterday and I almost exploded.

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    Once or twice I have outlined in detail and a couple of times that outline took the form of a screen play film script which would give me a page outline. Please tell us about your current release. I have several slightly undersized books but actual short stories are rare. I think in this case pragmatic reasons come out on top. SO I looked for a theme in my short stuff realized there was one and put the bits together to form a whole. The fourth wall is a theatrical term that means the line between the reality the actors create on stage and the reality of the audience.