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This is a remarkable book, an in-depth but easy-to-understand instruction manual to help us understand the work of Satan and bring deliverance to those bound by him. Faith Can Change Your World This book shares the primary principles you need to know in order to develop your faith and to have it function properly in your life. My faith is heightened. My faith is made a living source of strength in God. Schambach, and Billy Joe Daughterty. Net fishing pulpit preaching brings numerical results. It is a spiritual mass production and usually results in quantity rather than quality.

The finest and biggest fish are caught with hooks, one by one. Genesis: Crucible of the Universe Indeed, a book of firsts—the first man, the first sin, the first murder, etc.

Fifteen Reasons Our Churches Are Less Evangelistic Today

Healing in Every Book of the Bible From the beginning in Genesis to Revelation , Lester Sumrall has chosen a scripture from every book of the Bible which teaches that God wants man to be well in his total being— spirit, soul and body. Whether you are ill physically, emotionally, or spiritually, God has healing for you throughout every book of the Bible.

Healing of the Memories Learn how to overcome the past and move forward with God, who wants you to be strong and of good courage so you can fulfill His will for your life. God can take the sting out of the past and heal any bad memory. We can walk in victory and be a blessing to those around us. How to Know the Will of God Our new-born spirit desires to fulfill the will of God when we are born again, and this book explores how God speaks to us to ensure us that we are in His will. Indeed, through the centuries God has spoken to His people during their times of crises.

Human Body This book in a three-part series shows how the body functions in its relationship to the human personality. Human Face of Jesus In the words of Dr. Human Soul This book in a three part series shows how the human soul functions in its relationship to the human personality. Until a christian can differentiate between soul and spirit, he or she will more than likely live in the soul and not in the spirit. Human Spirit This book in a three part series shows how the human spirit functions in its relationship to the human personality. Man must come to know that his emotions, his will, and his body are part of his Adamic nature.

They are wild and unharnessed, and will lead him away from God unless they are controlled by the spirit. Hypnotism: Divine or Demonic? Hypnotism is no longer limited to the vaudeville stage or the seamy sideshows of the county fair.

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It has infiltrated medicine, education, and religion. Hypnotism is a poisonous art. It is not an innocent, harmless party frolic. It is an explosive, destructive, and contagious menace. Study with Dr. Lester Sumrall as he exposes this dangerous practice. I Did Not Quit!

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Sumrall did not quit, though many times he could have. He teaches that whatever you are facing today, no matter what you may think or feel, you are not at the end.

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Our Heavenly Father is a great and mighty God who stands ready and able! I Will Confess This book provides Scriptural truths we can speak and meditate on that can help us live victoriously. We are what we confess to be. If we confess weakness, we will be weak.

If we confess strength, we will be strong. Imagination: Hidden Force of Human Potential Imagination is a magnificent gift from God and a tremendous force in becoming the person that Christ wants you to be. Imagination gives birth to empires, fortunes, art, music, literature, architecture, and new inventions. Inside those walls you feel the enmity of deity and devils—the war that never ends. This city named Peace has seldom experienced peace. Jerusalem is the birthplace of ideas and events which shape world destiny, and the destiny of nations is affected by how they treat her. Will America die at Jerusalem?

Drawing on his vast knowledge of the Bible and first-hand experience of living in the Middle East, Dr. Lester Sumrall answers some of the pressing questions surrounding this volatile region. Discover the destinies of Iran and the entire Moslem world as we march toward the end of time! Legacy of Faith Journey through a legacy of faith with Dr. This pictorial book captures over 65 years of faith-filled ministry to over countries, the impact of which is still powerful and influential today. Living Free! Some of the issues covered are stress, anger, depression, and fear.

Making of a Champion Using Nehemiah as our example, this book offers insight and inspiration into being a true champion for God. Champions are a rare breed- They trust God while others ask for answers, they step forward while everyone else prays for volunteers, and they see beyond the dangers, risks, obstacles, and hardships. The Best!!!!

Let the Adventure Begin. Learning to Hear Gods Voice. Learning to Move in Prophetic Fishing. Fishing with Gods Grace. Shine Your Light in the Darkness.

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Go into All the World. She has ministered in dozens of nations as a teacher and intercessor, equipping leaders throughout the body of Christ. She and her husband, Thomas, live in Arlington, Texas. Convert currency.

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