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RESONANCE: The Homeopathic Point of View

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Clinical Rheumatology. VAT einmalige Lieferung available immediately , ready to ship within one working day Free shipping als Abo Lieferintervall available immediately , ready to ship within one working day Free shipping The publisher:. Resonance is a systematic treatise on the homeopathic point of view, covering both philosophy and method.

It features detailed descriptions of individual remedies and remedy families, and of various types of ailments for which homeopathic treatment is suitable, with actual case histories interspersed throughout. Please turn on Javascript. Our website does not work correctly without Javascript. Contents Minerals. The publisher: Resonance is a systematic treatise on the homeopathic point of view, covering both philosophy and method. Richard Moskowitz received his B.

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The second discusses two specialized techniques which are peculiar to the method, namely, the pharmaceutical preparation of medicines, and their experimental administration to healthy volunteers, or "provings," as they are generally known. The third elaborates on the all-important approach to the patient, including the interview, or case-taking, with its method of elucidating the symptoms and then ranking them for remedy selection; the details of administration and dosage of remedies, with the proper regimen to be followed during the treatment; and the evaluation of remedy action at the follow-up interview, with indications for what to do next, as well as long-term case management.

Part Two, "Remedies," begins with introductory remarks on the homeopathic study of medicinal substances in general, and then gives concise but detailed accounts of important individual remedies, organized in four chapters. The first describes a number of representative plant remedies, and concludes with a discussion of a new way of understanding plant families and how it can be used clinically in difficult cases.

The second proceeds analogously to the remedies of the animal kingdom, and concludes with discussions of snake, insect, and mammalian remedies, to elucidate the importance of family relationships in locating the animal remedies as well. The third and fourth are devoted to the mineral remedies, with some basic constitutional types, including various salts and acids of the same "family" groupings, and other elements, such as ferrous, precious, and heavy metals.