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Each person will have to enter individually. Everyone is seeded according to their own individual index. Any rider is permitted to start in a later group. However, If a cyclist starts in an earlier group, he or she will not receive timing. There will be no exceptions to this rule. However, you are not permitted to start in an earlier group.

If you do, you will not receive timing, even if your chip was read. There will be no exceptions to this rule neither any correspondence in connection herewith will be entered into, so, please do make sure you start in the correct group. No cyclist will be permitted to ride without a recognized cycling safety helmet. Anyone found along the route not wearing an helmet will immediately be pulled out of the race by the safety marshals and will not be permitted to carry on. Timing results wi ll be published by Racetech on Racetech website just after the event.

Click for more information. Frequently Asked Questions. What is the date of the race? Where will the race be held? The race starts and finishes at the Midvaal Raceway in Meyerton. What is the closing date of the Internet entries? Entries will close on the 16th of January How do I pay? I am a resident outside of South Africa. Can I enter and how do I go about entering? How old do I have to be to enter the race? What kind of bike may I ride? Do I need a license to enter the race? How long do I have to finish the race:. Please check the website or the Race brochure for the cut off times.

Now what? May I collect my Number on the day of the race? Can another person collect my number at registration? Yes provided that the person collecting your number has your written consent for that effect. How will I be timed? The event is timed by RaceTec. Do I need a timing chip to enter or participate in the race? No, you do not need to have a timing chip to participate. However, if you do not have a timing chip you will not get a timing result.

What if I decide during the race, that I cannot continue further?

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Following Saudia is not right for Pakistani people. Saudia make their calendar in advance and just follow with out any care. Nothing wrong with this, if they really saw the moon. Mistakes can happen. This happened in Saudi Arabia in , and the King announced that all had to fast one day after Eid to compensate. If in your view, popalzai was so much correct that you announce eid then why correct Ramadhan Its on you and popalzai mister minister In all Muslim and especially Arab countries, all imams and Religious scholars follow the government instructions even for the Friday sermons.

Pakistan is the only country which can get blackmailed easily. U any religious thug! Quote " The minister said that the government received a number of testimonies for Shawwal moon sighting from the former federal administrative tribal areas 48 witnesses had turned up in Bannu, seven at Mirali North Waziristan , three at Mardan, two at Charsadda, 15 at Lakki Marwat, 18 at Karak and four at Hangu. End Quote Please make testimonials public. Total nonsense. Therefore, before advocating application of science into a sensitive religious issue, our mostly illiterate public needs education via mass awareness program, preparing them to use of scientific tool to confirm physical moonlighting, and not otherwise.

A simple approach where physical moon sighting to follow confirmation via scientific means must be adopted. If u had to fast one more day as compensation, why did u celebrate Eid? This is Ulamas duty to announce Eid; however , in Pakistan, Ministers who do not have a piece of knowledge regarding their portfolio used to take national matters into their own hands for the sack of fame. They ministers should be stopped from encroaching into the others domain.

Shib, mind you, they obseved 29 fasting. They observed fast one day ahead than rest of the country. Saaqib Mahmood, no they observed 29 days.

Fast One

Rest of country missed one by ovserving one day later. Happy Eid Mubarak. What is wrong with the mindset of Pakistanis, asking to put Popalzi behind jail. Why is average Pakistani so intolerant, frustrated and angry? All this controversy should be stopped by issuing a standard calendar. It is the 21st century and science has moved way beyond this wasteful discussion. The moon is either sighted or it isn't. Simple enough, isn't it? Apparently not though. I find it very strange. Bipin, you are right. Let us hope that present ministry of science and technology to remain his last sanctuary. It is proved that KP Govt followed blindly.

Also compensating missed fast showing their insane. Deep sorrow of these kind of decisions by KP. Giov't should declared official day of EiD,anyone who wants to follow people blindly can celebrate whenever! Technology has nothing to do with Moon-sighting? Then stop using the binoculars and telescopes Mufti Sahab. Shib, that's why he is saying we should have started Ramadhan fasting one day earlier. But we didn't and start a day after. So we need to make a qaza roza. Simple to understand. And the right way from an Islamic perspective.

We made a mistake and now we make it up. Very good article and I agree with this. Saeed, other countries saw the moon but in Pakistan there could not be any moon. Are you joking sir?. Wow, Popalzai is right. We need to admit that we started the Ramadhan on day late. So we make it qaza now. Basic Islamic laws? Imran Khan has taken loans on sood. He should be retired.

Fast One by Paul Cain

IL wished Modi on his election, he should be retired. Gas, bijli and taxes has increased and is out of normal man's approach, he should retired. Think deeply about what you suggested and now after this post that who should be retired. What sort of baffoons is Imran Khan stocking up in his sleeves?

Please get rid of him. We are ashamed of such pukhtoons.. In which religion eid happened after28 days fast KP government is making a joke of themselves and religion too. Why all this fuss about celebrating the Eid on the same day. Why a minor issue has been blown out of proportion under the banner of a catchy word "unity". Does the Muslim Ummah celebrate the Eid on the same day? Do the Muslims pray at the same time all over the world? When Pakistanis say their Fajr prayers Americans might be saying Isha prayers. Let the Ruet Committee be disbanded and people should be allowed to celebrate their religious festivals as per the directions of their clerics.

Moreover, a debate or Munazara should be held upon the channels about the moon-sighting in between Popalzai and Muneeb as due to government support Muneeb gets more coverage and point of view of Popalzai is sidelined. These ethos will pop up in Democratic system of government and some how, people will have to go on with their life with unnecessary confusion.

Happy Eid and peace to all. Great gesture by KP Government to accept their mistake instead of egoism and stubbornness. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. KP announces Eid on June 4 On Monday, the KP information minister had announced that the provincial government after taking into account testimonies of moon-sighting from all over the province decided to celebrate Eidul Fitr on Tuesday.

Read more. On DawnNews. Comments Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Jun 04, pm. Recommend 0. Popalzai should be behind bar, it is govt. Kalim Aziz. No Land Record Computerisation done yet.. Still public is under the influence of Patwaris. No Land Mark improvement in the field of Education and Hospitals.

No improvement in IT Park initiatives. Shaikh Abdulla. After twelve hundred years later, people still struggle to make simple decision, WoW. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad. What a grave, gruesome, gross and great tragedy? Anwar Syed. Does anyone know who is running Pakistan? No uniformity.

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Alla Bux. Saaqib Mahmood. Asad Faizi. Alam Rahbar. Abdul Hadi Khan. Salman Tarik Kureshi.

Shah Zaman. Malik Haider. Abdul Haqq. How can moon be sighted differently in the same country Jehengir khan. People need to start using common sense and stop following the Mullahs blindly. In modern era look how illustrates run a nation!! Bader Zaman.

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MP farmers’ stir: How Shivraj Singh Chouhan pulled a fast one (and not for the first time)

Naveed Jafri. And some have the gumption to call the Hindus superstitious! A shah. Minister Shaukat Ali Yousafzai, You are not in your sense. Is Eidulfitr after 28 Roza or days in Ramzan. The Fatwa of Mr. Mufti Popalzai is against Islaam and Sharia. Oh Lord! Have mercy on us. Our fate is in the hands of these geniuses. Saeed, Mr. Saeed, This has nothing to do with moon sighting. Is the Eidulfitr after 28 days of Ramzan? RIZ, Mr. RIZ, Correct. This minister is incompetent. Saaqib Mahmood, Mr. Saaqib Mahmood, This is not theatre. This is not joke. This is tragedy that the people of KPK have such elements like Mr.

Mufti Popalzai. Malik Haider, Mr. Malik Haider, Because there are people who are fool, uneducated, backward, illiterate, etc. Is it not a tragedy? The world is laughing.


It has already been proved. Today was that extra day Mr Minister. BTW what's your religious qualifications? Shib, Mr. Shib, If the people had sense they would not have celebrated Eidulfitr after 28 days of Ramzan. El Cid. Malik Haider, because spouse's name is Chanda. KP cm is a failure..

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Thought, l remember one thing. Q Line begins from where don stand! Muneeb ali. Malik Haider, because eye witnesses saw which mufti muneeb didn't. Malik Haider, because eyewitnesses in kpk saw it which mufti muneeb didn't. Malik Haider, because eyewitnesses in kpk saw it where mufti muneeb didn't.

Aamir Latif. Anwar Zaib. Masood Abbas. Naya Pakistan, no body can see how incompetent team is leading such a great nation. Aspaghol ka chilka. No one expected the PTI team to be so inept Jun 05, am. D Patel. Are religion and the worship, the matters under the state control? Muneeb and Popalzai both should retire. PopeLazy is doing it intetionally as once can fool but not forever. You can fool nation once but not forever. Philosopher From Japan. Ahmad Atta.