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Still afraid of running into someone you know? Look at it this way. If you are there and they are there, they will most likely understand you are both in the same situation and they would likely respect your discreetness the same as you would, theirs. If you are timid about going to a party, find an "off premise" party, which means sexual exploits are not allowed and must be taken somewhere else. The atmoshphere will be somewhat similar to a nightclub, just with a whole lot more sexual tnesion in the air. Now I am not going to get into what happens "after" the party or after the date for drinks.

This is something you need to learn on your own. I don't want to ruin it for you. The build up to an event is almost as intense as the orgasms you can get from it.

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You should speek with the other couple or single before hand to see what their limits and boundaries are as well as express yours. Try to keep it simple and to the point as it's not always the most exciting thing to talk about. Nobody likes a mood recker. This should be an issue anyway because you planned ahead of time, right? I recommend to start small.

Maybe just some kissing and touching. This, if known ahead of time and respected, will help ease you into it. It also leaves you something new for next time! When you get bored with 2nd base, move onto 3rd! It may seem silly, but it is kind of a, closing ceremony, if you will. The next day, we talk about it. The first couple times it was a more in depth conversation. Now it is more just a common place, you okay? I'm good. It is still fun sometimes though to talk about a special moment that you know that you BOTH liked.

It's not the best idea to talk about the other person a lot, or at all, if your partner is self concious. Ex: don't tell you husband about how "big" the other guy was. My partner and I always coat the truth a little. It's not that we are jealous to the point it would bother us, but wouldn't you rather hear how you are better than how much they enjoyed the other person?

Do I know if my partner is lying? Just forget it. It doesn't matter. You loved each other yesterday, you can still love each other today. Learn tricks to show each other. Over time your rules will loosen up. You will get more comfortable with things as you realize you are both okay with it and encourage each other that.

Think more about your partner than yourself. Forget the thoughts like he liked her better, or I can't please my partner like that. Think instead, how much they liked your partner cause your partner is good looking, or constructive "I need to learn to please my partner like that". Those things will help you, make you feel better about yourself, and more confident next time. Realize that in the moment, it is a pretty intense and erotic setting. Your partner may be a lot more excited than you have ever seen them before.

Don't take this as anything against yourself. Be glad you got to see your partner in that level of intensity, then try to recreate it yourself! Eventually you will start to notice the effects in your personal life. You will have sex more. You will have more creative and better sex. Hello Swingset Fans and welcome to Desire week on the Swingset! The following podcast was recorded at Desire in November and features Dr. Liz Powell, Chris aka. If you want to jo You're all sexy and sophisticated human beings, You understand your sexuality and you enjoy both giving and receiving pleasure.

Once you've figured all that out about yourself, where do you go? What do you do next? Tonight we talk about how to best a But that's ages ago, and it's been quite a while, and we're feeling a little indulgent and want t David Ley. It seems to happen like clockwork. Someone cheats, or gets caught in some sort of sex scandal.

They have to make amends, show that they're working to fix "the problem" so they can return to their normal lives. While we on the Swingset happen to think It's the New Year, , and for much of our country that means halfhearted resolutions. I'm going to change. I'm going to improve. These resolutions come about because of the arbitrary timeline that defines last year and this year. We are unfinished The team of Mister Pent and Dylan Thomas put together information about securing yourself on the internet that a panel also One of the main reasons that so many of us leave monogamous relationships is the realization that we or our partners may not be as hetero as we thought.

Non-monogamy can provide an exceptional opportunity to go beyond Kinsey's Scale, and view the ent We're recording tonight with a live and muted studio audience! As always, questions have been edited for content and clarity. As usual, answers have not been edited for content or clarity! If you That's right, this is our thirtieth listener mailbag episode, and we're recording tonight with a live and muted studio audience!

If you have a Dating in the heteronormative world is difficult. It's also bizarre enough that hundreds of comedies and dramas are made about dating every year. When you zoom down to that subsection of the culture, the minorities of the LGBTQ community who are seek A large percentage of us dwell pretty securely within the non-monogamy closet. Friends and family may know something is different about us, but they rarely know fully what is up. That said, we live in a world where being sex-positive and progressive Cooper, Dylan, Dr.

Liz, Lyndzi, and Mr. Pent sit under the thatched roof and next to the bar of the rooftop hot tub and talk Fr It doesn't need to be said, yet as it's the answer to so many questions we get asked, it really can't be overstated.

One of the most important parts of communication when it comes to sexy time, is learning to ask for what you want, so So, we apparently decided it was a good idea to podcast the night after election day. In Mexico. We were wrong. We've posted a three minute rain delay episode as it is actually raining outside instead of last year. We'll be back next week. Thanks f It's no secret that in the pantheon of the LGBT spectrum, bisexual people are looked down upon, told they don't really exist, avoided in dating life.

Bisexuals also often feel less pressure to come out, as they can so easily pass as one side or the o Hello Listeners. Today, we present you one of the most horrifying things we can think of As couples, so often we're looking for the third. The unicorn usually. They're rare, seemingly unobtainable, but when we find them it's just so magical. Except that we're often boxing that unicorn in, that single person who now has to put up with our We all send dirty comments, dirty pictures, full on sext-travaganzas with our partners, playmates, friends straddling the edge of naughty.

When people consider exploring non-monogamy, we tell them to picture a pretty good but occasionally difficult relationship ie, every relationship and then picture it expanding exponentially because you've added more people. Eventually becoming a te It's pretty much a given that, at some point or another in swinging or polyamory, there will be boundary violations, safer sex failures, and other moments you'd talked about and thought about and made rules about.

No matter how much hypothetical thou There are few acts in the pantheon of sexuality that carry with them so much intrigue, coveting, and fear, as double penetration, and its more advanced siblings double vaginal and double anal. For one thing, these really can't be done in a monogamous In this mailbag On this episode we'll be discussing mental illness in non-monogamy with special guest Cooper S Beckett from Life On The Swingset podcast and www.

SS On Breasts and Attraction. The Swinger Doc sits down for another edition of the Medical Mailbag! All three of us here on the Swingset have occasionally dated and played independent of our partners, and all three of our partners have dated and played independent of us. A moment that can be tricky, especially early on in the swinging or poly lifes We've talked a lot of bout community lately on the Swingset, and while we've specifically made the point that it's not enough to talk about diversity but to take action to seek it out, we've done a poor job of acknowledging that diversity includes di How do you find other swingers?

How do you find people to date? Those top a list of frequent questions we get on the Swingset. As outsiders looking in, as people curious to get started, we all wonder if we'll be able to do this, because there's that We're back!

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  • We took the longest only hiatus in Swingset History and each of us has come back rested and ready. Today we discuss the blurring of the line between swinging and polyamory and how things tend to evolve in ways well beyond our expectatio It's Desire Week at Life on the Swingset, with days and less than 25 rooms remaining for our Desire Takeover November we're running Desire episodes of the podcast as well as blogs and articles.

    If you'd like to join us in Desire this We Don't Need Clothes. Ginger and Cooper continue to gang bang that mailbag! Tonight we answer questions about being given the go ahead to be open and then having it revoked, what it's like to be an introvert at a swing club, if voyeurism is allowed at clubs, difficulties Jealousy pops up everywhere in our lives -- at work, at home, and in romantic relationships.

    It can range from slight twinges to full-blown outbursts. No one likes feeling jealous, but it can be hard to avoid when you're in an alternative relationshi We're scaling back a little at The Swingset to allow ourselves to take some needed rest. This has caused Dylan to go off to The Dakotas to hunt mastodon. Meanwhile, Ginger and Cooper hold down the fort, debating whether or not two people can in fact One of the most specific sex acts, named in a contest by Dan Savage's Savage Love Readers, pegging is when a woman wearing a strap-on fucks a man in the ass.

    We've talked a We've talked of group sex and orgies often, the logistics of sex and play parties, of mfm threesomes, and somehow danced around the actual genesis for our mailbag titles. It so happens that we know Jennifer, a frequent gang bang center of attention, SS Swingset's Got the D. Today's episode features me, Dylan, speaking with Daisy, Dawn Ardent, Damien, and Duncan as we chat about our community and how we enjoy those of us in the community I mentioned we on the Swingset needed a Hi Swingset Fans! Dylan Theodore Thomas here, yes we've decided my middle name is Theodore Over the last six years, Life on the Swingset has grown into more than the sum of its parts.

    It's a podcast, it's a community, it's a podcasting network, it's SS Stress, Closets, and Intersections. This isn't a regular episode. Dylan grabs the mic and takes over for a monologue on stress, thinking about being closeted, and intersectionality. In between all that Morgan tells us her origin story and tells how Swinging is her stress relief.

    You c Often our discussion of swinging travels down the traditional "norms" of the subculture, a couple, a man and woman, having sex with other couples. But we all know that any subculture is full of iteration after iteration of variance.

    Polyamory and Swinging

    Tonight we're goi Abuse isn't discussed the same way we discuss other issues in our communities. Otherwise well meaning people sometimes end up working to silence victims of abuse when they need community support the most. People in groups tend to respond poorly when Sometimes it feels great to be really and truly degraded. The humiliation expansion pack for BDSM draws curiosity, ire, and extreme excitement from the world. Another stop, on that same train line is cuckolding, an act that many still try to make an SS The Bitchcast.

    Katie Mack and Ginger Bentham are ready to femmespread like you've never seen before. Talking honestly and earnestly about their experiences as women, Katie and Ginger get unapologetically bitchy. They share their uncensored and unfettered voices on When we started this thing called the Swingset, we thought we'd do it for a little Hey fellow men Dylan here.

    Army Major Gen. David Haight demoted affair affair, "swinging" lifestyle revealed - CBS News

    I want to take a moment to express a little sympathy. It can be incredibly hard out there to be a man. We're living in an age inspired by the speed of the internet. Our goalposts of acceptability and common respectabilit As a well known hypochondriac and germophobe who'd just as soon wrap his entire body in the Titan Full Body Condoms from The Naked Gun if only they sold them at The Lucky Bloke, It's no surprise that Cooper thinks a lot about eroticizing safer sex.

    Ginger sits down with Cooper for a one-on-one discussion of his new novel about swinging A Life Less Monogamous, recorded just days before the book launch. After they chat for a while, Cooper shares the first two chapters of the novel's upcoming audi SS Fisting, with Andre Shakti. One finger, two finger, three finger, four To fisting! Tonight we're joined by the amazing Andre Shakti to talk about fisting, best practices, intensity, and what it's like We discovered tonight's guest Andre Shakti after seeing her in the wonderful adult film Marriage 2.

    We immediately wanted to have h We here on the swingset have a lot of sex. We've spoken at length about how casual that sex may actually be, and that definition has changed over the years for many of us. Tonight on Life on the Swingset the podcast we're talking about For our first episode of we return to the mailbag for another listener question gang bang.

    We talk about seeking a well endowed man for an MFM threesome, who should pay for the hotel, swinging vs poly, should you warn before ejaulating from a bl Today, on this last day of , we commit to one more gang bang… the mailbag episode. We discuss dating apps, changes in desire, situational erectile dysfunction and jealousy and panic attacks. Questions have been edited for time and clarity. I think about all that's happened this y The degree of complexity in relationship dynamics is exponential in non-monogamy.

    What that bullshit was trying to say, was that people are complicated, and every time you add one to your life, things get more complicated. One of the most difficult s Sometimes I want to be up close and personal with someone. I want that full body contact. I want to slide right up next to someone while I'm sliding in and out of someone, I want to kiss them gentl So this is the first in a two-part series of the realities of Redefining Sex in the Digital Age. This shift in channels brings me more exposure to a much larger audience of perverted listeners, just like you.

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    What an incredible honor it is to have been selected for this opportunity. I was not expecting to have such a high-profile publication under my belt so soon in my journey as a sexual educator and podcast persona, yet here we are! My first-ever magazine feature… and WHAT a feature! I also reveal some dirty details about why I love writing erotic short stories, how I get inspired and find my ideas, and I reveal some news about my upcoming collection of erotic short stories, Mating Season! Latest News. Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends.

    Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. Read More. Related Posts. Swinging, Bisexuality and Other Queer Tales. The Secret World of Swinging and Hotwifing. Welcome back to my playground, Lexual fiends and friends.

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    I have yet another saucy podcast episode for all of you! Do you want to know what kinds of filthy things that people fantasize about? Of course you do, you dirty perverts! I know I do! Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people. So I want to hear about your own personal experiences! Welcome back to my playground, Lexual folx. Before I start telling you all about this new episode and why you should tune in… This is the first edition of Seek, Discover Create in a new time slot!

    Ok, ok, enough with the exclamation marks and onto the meat and potatoes of this article! Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual listeners. I am thrilled to announce this very exciting news about my podcast!