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So when a colleague is almost killed by a planted bomb explosion, he is horrified and determined to get to the bottom of it. Can Sean find the bombmaker and keep his personal life together at the same time? But it soon becomes clear that there is a greater conspiracy behind these deaths and it will take Ida right into the dark heart of New York. I Thought I Knew You Jules and Holly are best friends and have been there for each other through the best times, and the worst.

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Will it ever be the same again? And what will be the consequences of the devastating accusation? I Spy Tom Marcus served as a Surveillance Officer in MI5 for over a decade, dedicating years of his life to protecting his country from harm. In I Spy , he shares his story of a life lived in the shadows and the person he became in order to stay alive. Life as a single mother is hard, but the struggles only bond Kate and Becky closer.

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When she comes across a story that Becky was researching, she begins to wonder if something more sinister is going on. When a body is found at the bottom of the cliffs two days later, Rhona begins to search for a link between these events and a group of missing army medics on leave from Afghanistan.

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Maggie arrives in Majorca as part of a Met team investigating the death of seventeen-year-old Katy Pope ten years ago, but then another British girl goes missing on the island. As Charles Mossman encounters a hate-filled Nazi sympathiser rally in New York, he confronts one of them, with deadly consequences. Two years later he is released from prison and all he wants is to make amends to his family.

But support for the Allies is driving the Nazi sympathisers underground, and Charles is certain that dark forces are exploiting them. For even more edge of your seat recommendations, watch the Book Break episode below, where Emma shares the psychological thrillers everyone is going to be talking about this year:. Ready for your next read? Sign up to the Best of Pan Macmillan newsletter to discover the best of our books, events and special offers.

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Read our privacy notice to find out how we hold and use your personal information. While the details of the murder i. Your reader will feel cheated if the crime is not something that could take place. Keep in mind this oath written by G.

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  6. It sounds like a no-brainer but keeps in mind that your reader must believe your villain's motivation. And, the villain must be both physically and emotionally capable of the crime. Again, being implausible takes all the fun out of it. Don't use improbable disguises, twins, accidental solutions, or supernatural solutions. The detective should not commit the crime. Writing fiction is a last, desperate attempt to spot something out of the corner of your eye, after all other rational efforts to do so have failed.

    We use laptops rather than quills, but you still need the same ingredients: a vivid and significant story, a few three-dimensional characters, and good language skills. My books might be literary thrillers, mysteries, crime novels, detective novels, or just novels, plain and simple. If your storytelling abilities are poor, your books will be pedestrian, whatever your genre.

    Plot is important, but sometimes readers are less involved in what happens and more interested in the characters and their inner world. Crime novels became the biggest-selling genre in the UK last year. Why do you think that is? Well, since the biblical story of Abel and Cain, murder has been a subject of the utmost importance to legal experts, theologians, philosophers, psychologists, forensic scientists and, of course, authors.

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    Murder is irreversible. Our fear of murderers is a profound expression of the biggest fear of all, the fear of death. So, what happens in the mind of a murderer is an important question. They are to an extent, even though many readers lean towards literary fiction.

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    Find more of our opportunities in literature. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. By Eugen Chirovici 16 May - Each of my books springs from a very strong image, which then grows into a story. The rest of the story came within a couple of days. Why did you write The Book of Mirrors in English? Why did I choose those periods and places? How important are characters in a crime novel? Do you work with the police or other sources when you research your work?