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Pamphlete from Hood and Oo. The Ointment, rubbed OS t". Irvine, cbemlst. BLOOR, th. Midwifery by appointment. Display settings Help. Order now. Scope Download this She soon was inside the shop and the door behind her slammed. How wonderful! The woman traced her jawline and tucked Grae's hair. The woman smiled sincerely at her. Even the smile should be comforting, Grae felt so uneasy. Why have you come to my humble shop? There were alot of old traditional things around her. There were also multiple gigantic statues. At first, I didn't believe her but when I looked at your eyes carefully, you're soulless.

You're insides are pitch black. Grae stepped back because of fear. Grae is a soulless human. That's why she could see ghosts and have paranormal powers. And the critical thing about her is any spirit, evil or not, can claim her body. What if I can give you a protector?

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    Grae finds the world suffocating. And she thinks it will be a good idea for someone to protect her. It will also be good if someone to guide her how to control her powers. Grae was full of thought, doubts and hesitations. But she want to take off the burden from her shoulders, even for a little. She can't take the burden. The priestess' face brightened.

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    She rather die than feel the pain. Is it time already? With a tired body, she got up from her bed. That's what she wanted all along. She wanted to ran away from everything. She shouted everything from her lungs, "Stop! Her legs moved on it's own. She doesn't know where to go. She doesn't know whom to go. Grae's mind kept on repeating the same words, the same sentence. Why does the heavens design this life for me?

    Grae's eyes were wide opened. The inside of the shop was enough to make her spine shiver. She must be a spirit too. Thev Bound like woids from a Methodist Confer- 1. They look sa if they wore ed by a Bishop, but tboao sated little buggers will have to look to.

    Why Mr. Editor, wait a minute, did you ever hoar of haul going out an a missionary tour Just to sea how much money be could collect? Again when he reported did be tell many souls were converted, wbloh? There is uo mission work gulngou in Kentucky aud old "This and That" don't liice It, he is mad about it.

    If you can fiiud a missionary that can tell bow he went into tbe out- of- way plaesa and bad a revival and Cod wonderfully blessed his labors with so many souls and that the Bap- ' Bag was planted there and wbiie raa down In the well of salvation drawing the Water of life the Hoard should bold tba rope, you would sea tbe paaplo crawllug on thalr knees to old "This and That" knows that ia or waa the kind of missions that. Our campus looks beautiful with its greon carpet of grass aud beau If ul build ing painted red with green blluda.

    The place ia a perfect picture except. Puree will apeak next Monday night miaalous at the Fifth Street church by apecial requoel of Mrs. Wo hope our rally on the third Sul- day in April will be promptly respond- ed to by tbe churches and uuuday. The money is badly need to meet obligations made last fall to Improve the property.

    Let all frieuda help Dr. Puree preached lent Suadsy iu for Dr. TbeAluronlAseoeletrou bad a tuc- ceaafui bnaiueaa meeting in chapel Monday night arranging fot. Arauai dues 60 ooaU. Annual banquet at Odd Pellews' Hall. Rbv W. Louis appropriated and cititeas of St. M; figure the profit yourself.

    All Nations, 8 totes, Territories, Prov- ince, and Colonies will participate and piesent in highly-classified arrange-, ent tbe achievement! Bx e, Mt lsa will open one year later. APRIL 10, In the discussion of the race question many of the southern papers take special delight in put- ting foward the fear of Negro domi- nation and social equality as the basis of their hostility to according the Negro equal civil and political rights under the law.

    No sane man white 01 black believes any such nonsense and the Commercial-Ap- peal of Memphis a strong Demo- cratic journal knocks the bottom out of the social equality bug-bear in these words. As Pope puts it: "Some are and must be Among other items of a three years pastorate of one of the white Baptist churches of this city appear 3.

    Tnis recalls the fact that at a meeting of colored Baptist pastors not long since it. It is evident that the matter of making purely pastoral calls like tinny other kinds of relig- work or services is growing in- to disfavor and consequently tbt work ol the Master i? There needs to be a rn to the old land unrks in this particular and we are sure that would result in the spiritual gro'vtl.

    This is the true cont ention aud ii the south could be climinat. Men of every calling are be- ing aroused as never before and great good is being done. Public sentiment is being aroused and beads of families are seeing the problem in a new light and are allying themselves with the work of saving the young people and point- ing them to highei ideals of life.

    The Law and Order Alliance is a long felt want and offers a grand opportunity for tee united eflort of all good citizens in improving con- eof this It is all right to patronize Negro business enterprises and no reason- able man can object to this being done under just and equitable busi- new principles, bnt members of the with the pl..

    The disposi tion to patronise Negroes in busi- ness is growing every day and under proper conditions it will be a source of gnat benefit to the race but it will hardly ewer be wise and neces- sary for every Negro to spend every cat he earns with members of the V race whether it is to his personal Bot sd. There is r. The people who care anything about persons who pass away will go to the home and see them? The ser- vices at a funeral are always, or at least ought to be solemn. The in- fluences axerted upon the living should be solemnized, and the peo- ple should be sent away in a deep- ly meditative mood.

    Marching around the room to view the body after the services have been held destroys the solemnity of the oc- cision, and turns it into mere sightseeing. This custom in Au- gusta Dr. Crusj has been inducted into tiu ffice as Collector at Charleston, S. Crum over the protests based entirely upon color that reason.

    May 21 24 has been Dont forget to raise the collection next Sunday for the Foreign Mis- sion work and send it to Rev. Jordan D. Corresponding Secre- tary, No. Walnut Street Louisville Ky. A full attendance of pastors and Christian workers in that vicin- ity is urged. Here is our hand I tne Colored Mppy returns. S atcs Attorney General Webb f California has rendered an offi- cial opinion declaring the use of the Bibl 9 in the puLlic schools in that state as unconstitutional Not only may teachers not use scriptures as a text-book, but they may not even read from them, as is the custom frequently at the opening Rev.

    Harper D. Harper has m many friends in this state who regret his leaving. Ow- ing to the fact that the demand? We have been conductnig a series ol gospel meetings in a por tion ol the Northern states this quar- ter. We spent ten days with Dr. Rouse of Evansville Indiana, and Brother G. Dorsey and Rev. We re- gretted very much that circumstan- ces over which we had no control prevented me from being with Dr. Anderson and his good people. We note just here that R. He is preparing to build a new church. We bespeak for him a brighfluture.

    Officers were on the scene waiting to speak with the owner Thursday morning.

    This is the advice of to think ol the cus'o. Every man most eral services have been held. Lizzie J. UM Pre. Isaac Fisher Sec. Skirts, Walking Skirts, Shirts and Shkt- waists made to order. Prices and Samples furnished all Lodges and Societies. Good Agents wanted. Write or call at once.

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    Tht attend. Briggs Soloist At p. Burroughs on Africa. The public are cordially invited to at- tend tbese services. Ad issioo 1 5 cents. Watson will preach this evening at the Broadway A M. E z- church, 13th and Broadway to the Golden Link Club. The pub MraSaUieWare,of ton st. She is now steadily improving. Sallie Milliken wife of Mr. Milliken, died at the resi- dence No. The funeral was conducted st the Emmanuel Bap tist church last Saturday afternoon by Rev. Perdue and a large number of friends wi pay the last tribute of n sr memory.

    I nrt farelwj afternoon a V ixj g. Men's Council was organized at the Broadway A. The levivai meet- ings this quarter have been very encouraging. The Sunday-schools and B.


    We have been called to Kentucky our native state to conduct gospel a with a few of our beloved this end of the state, we opened battle on Satan Sunday April 5th. Leavel as pastor. We have 19 st the altar who desire to know the way of salvation. The indications 1 are good. We have an ap- Sunday Rev Leavel s old point and the bombardment will be con- tinued.

    We will be in the state 60 days longer if the Lord is willing Any brother needii help may address us at Kentucky. Beaaley Office removal Albert S. White Lawyer and Notary ed his office from 1 to his residence w. Phone f f. The City B. Katie Smith to Mr.